Bar Mitzvah Venues in Toronto

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Toronto Bar Mitzvah Venues

You’re planning a bar mitzvah – mazel tov! A bar mitzvah is an important rite of passage for every Jewish boy. The occasion can also be a time for friends and family to celebrate your growing son and his accomplishments. There are many ways you can choose to observe his special day, including:
  • Children’s Party. Some families opt to make the day an occasion for the younger set. The bar mitzvah boy can invite his besties to celebrate tween style. Finger foods and games keep the fun rolling.
  • Family Gathering. Many families decide to keep the day a family affair, by inviting only relatives. This type of celebration can take place at home, at an events venue, or even in Israel.
  • Friends and Family Celebration. A larger all-ages party brings together relatives and old family friends, as well as the guest of honour’s favourite pals. This type of celebration can ensure that everyone who wants to be a part of your son’s day can participate, and that it will be a day to remember for many years to come.

Choosing a Venue

No matter what kind of party you throw, you’ll want to select the right place for it. A few aspects to consider when looking at venues are:
  • Cost. When you find a venue you like, ask whether they offer a bar mitzvah "package.” You may find that even luxurious venues are affordable when you choose a pre-packaged option.
  • Location. Because halls in the suburbs are less expensive, some families opt to have the bar mitzvah party in a far-flung corner of the city. However, these venues are often difficult to find, and travel time can be lengthy. A party venue that’s central is more convenient for guests from all over the city. If your party happens right after the synagogue ceremony, make sure that the two locations are reasonably close to one another.
  • Ambience. You’ll want your guests to feel comfortable, festive, and happy. Make sure the venue you choose is the right size, has good lighting and sound, and provides a beautiful background for your celebrations.
  • Food. Choose a venue with a renowned kosher kitchen and a large selection of menu items.

The Eglinton Grand

One Toronto landmark that’s a perfect venue for almost any type of bar or bat mitzvah celebration is the Eglinton Grand. Winner of the 1937 Royal Architecture Institute of Canada Bronze Medal, this gorgeous Art Deco architectural jewel was the city’s most elegant movie theatre. Now lovingly restored in style, the Eglinton Grand is available as an events venue.
The Eglinton Grand has a number of advantages, including:
  • Beauty. This venue boasts fine wood and stone highlights, period furniture, and interior design details that give it the feel of unparalleled glamour and luxury. Everyone feels like a star at the Eglinton Grand!
  • Kitchen. The Grand has an acclaimed kosher kitchen with hundreds of cuisine choices. Their professional catering staff is efficient and friendly.
  • Central. Located on Eglinton Avenue West near Avenue Road, the Grand is easy to find and easily accessed by car or TTC. The distinctive art déco marquee is a neighbourhood landmark.
Contact Toronto’s best bar mitzvah venue today and ensure that your son’s bar mitzvah celebration is an unforgettable affair!